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Chemical Induction High Rate Mixing Systems   1-281-648-8703
We Exchange WaterChamp Models SWCF, SWCFX & SWCXP
Tired of the high cost of repairing your WaterChamp Chemical Induction Units?
The GAS MASTRRR series of induction flash mixers carry a limited warranty for a period of one year from date of shipment to the buyer. Optional or extended warranties are available (consult factory). The units are backed with a factory exchange program that eliminates the need for stocking spare parts or time consuming pump repair. At any time during the life of the unit should any problem occur, the unit may be exchanged for a new unit (of same HP or feed range) with a new one year limited warranty for a set exchange rate (published yearly). Simply ship in the old unit, no matter what the condition, and we will exchange it.  This factory exchange program is also available for competitive induction units.   Ship us your WaterChamp or Chlor-A-Vac unit in any condition, and we will exchange it with a GAS MASTRRR unit of same HP or feed range for a set exchange rate.       Call us 1-281-648-8703 for more details on our exchange program!   Let a GAS MASTRRR unit replace your non-functioning WaterChamp or Chlor-A-Vac units. Return Goods Authorization Form