Titanium housing and Hasteloy-C propeller


Optional Titanium external feed pipe




GAS MASTRRR Series 32PT description

The GAS MASTRRR series 32PT submersible design allows liquid chemicals to be flash mixed directly into the water stream, channel, chamber, or rapid mix box with superior velocity gradient mixing intensity. The units are non-vacuum style for liquid flash mixing.

The series 32PT utilizes a rugged and reliable U.S.A. manufactured submersible motor of 316 stainless steel construction for long-term duty in harsh submerged environments. The motors are liquid filled, water cooled, and are available for single and three phase service with a variety of VAC power voltage options.

The series 32PT is supplied with a Titanium housing and a large diameter Hasteloy C propeller providing excellent chemical compatibility.

The series 32PT units are available in ranges from 2-25 hp for feed rates up to 60 GPM liquid chemical.

The series 32PT unit has a high rate chemical discharge pattern that is axial outward from the unit. The direct through feed system allows the chemical to be induced upstream of the propeller and provides a high rate mix an axial dispersion of the chemical mixture into the water stream.

Many injected chemicals often scale depending on water quality/hardness or may be aggressive to stainless steel. (Caustic, Ferric Chloride or Sodium Hypochlorite as well as many others). The optional Titanium external feed system allows for heavy scaling or aggressive chemical to be dispersed away from the unit reducing maintenance and the potential for chemical attack of the motor or guide rail system. Units may be installed in an upstream or down stream orientation depending on the chemical and application.

The units easily install with new or retrofit with existing chemical feed equipment. Stainless steel guide rails and Davit Cranes are available for easy retrieval of the unit for maintenance inspection.


The single chemical through feed design allows a liquid to be flash mixed directly into the water stream. Applications include sodium hypochlorite for chlorination, sodium bisulfite for de-chlorination, auquous ammonia for chloramination, alum or polymer for coagulation, or any other liquid chemicals.

The external feed design allows scaling or aggressive liquid chemicals to be flash mixed directly into the water stream. The chemical is isolated and flash mixed below the rotating mixing propeller. Applications include sodium hypochlorite for chlorination when the process water is hard, ferric which is aggressive to stainless steel, coagulants or other chemicals that may scale or be aggresive to the stainless steel motor.

The dual chemical through and external feed design allows multiple chemicals to be fed with diffrent mixing intensities. Any combination of liquids can be flash mixed from a single unit. The chemicals are isolated until flash mixed together after the rotating mixing propeller. The first feed port directs the chemical through the rotating mixing propeller providing a high shear in excess of 60 fps. The second feed port directs the chemical to an external feed pipe that drops the chemical below the rotating mixing propeller and is swept away in the high gpm axial discharge mix pattern with a low shear intensity. Applications include sodium hypochlorite and auquaous ammonia for chloramination, alum and polymer for coagulation, and many other dual feed combinations.


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