INTRUDRRR Series 3505F description

The INTRUDRRR series 3505F is a direct flanged/in-line high rate mixer designed for vacuum inducting and flash mixing of gas or liquid chemicals into low pressure pipelines, closed conduits, or tanks. They easily install vertically or horizontally through 6”or 8” ANSI flanges providing superior velocity gradient mixing intensity in pipelines 6” and larger in size. They are supplied with a 316 stainless steel flange welded to the mixer barrel for direct mounting to the pipeline flange. The mixers require pipeline shut down to remove for maintenance inspection. They are supplied standard with two isolated chemical feed ports for multiple chemical feed applications.

The series 3505F utilizes a close coupled rugged and reliable U.S.A. manufactured TEFC severe duty chemical process motor for indoor/outdoor service in corrosive environments.

The mixers are available in 2 - 25 HP ranges for feed rates up to 10,000 PPD gas or 70 GPM liquid chemical per unit.

The INTRUDRRR series 3505F utilizes a UHMW Polyethylene mixing element for a high GPM dispersion of the chemical mix in small or large diameter pipelines. Optional 316 stainless steel knife gate valves may be supplied in 6” or larger flange sizes.



The single chemical feed design allows a gas or liquid to be flash mixed directly into the pipeline. Applications include chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite for chlorination, sulfur dioxide gas or sodium bisulfite for de-chlorination, ammonia for chloramination, cabon dioxide, and atmospheric air.


The dual chemical feed design allows multiple gasses, liquids or a combination of gas and liquid to be mixed directly into the pipeline. The chemicals are isolated until flash mixed together at the rotating mixing distributor. Applications include chlorine and ammonia gas for chloramination.



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